Would you like to know more about Bongo?

Bongo is our own Content Management System (CMS) which was built from the ground up to be Google friendly and easy to use

Bongo makes it easy for you to manage the content of your website.

Elements that you add will be styled in the same way as the rest of your website so you don't have to know any coding to keep your website looking consistent.

Easy to use

Every function is performed by simply clicking buttons. There are no rituals you have to complete to do simple tasks, you just have to click.

Highly Intuitive

You will get the hang of using Bongo very quickly and can start creating your own pages much sooner than with other Content Management Systems

No Coding Necessary

We make easy- to-apply styles for elements on your website. This means you don't have to know any coding to recreate elements we have designed. 

Clean User Interface

We designed Bongo's interface to overcome problems that various well known CMS have. Nothing about Bongo is too complex, nothing is frustrating.

Simple Set Up

Creating new pages takes seconds and ordering the menus on your website is done by simply dragging page names in to place. Why complicate things?


Helpful Automation

Bongo generates site maps and automates a number of otherwise time consuming processes that are necessary for a website to function.

Intellectual Property and Copyright:

The Intellectual Property and Copyright of Bongo software belong to Designtec Limited, the user is not permitted to copy and/or distribute Bongo in anyway.

Included in your monthly hosting plan, is your licence fee, you are licensed to use Bongo as long as you are paying your monthly fees.