Designtec Vision Statement

We care about our customers' success. Nothing gives us a greater sense of achievement than seeing our customers smile and watching their business grow. We want to take all the techie jargon out of the internet and let our customers take control of their websites and digital marketing.

Our target market is small to medium sized businesses, based in and around Norfolk, who are looking to grow their potential with a dedicated online presence. We are committed to setting high standards for web design and digital marketing while teaching clients to understand that they don't need to spend a fortune to have a great web presence. In the web industry, it's not about how much you pay, it's who you pay.

We want all of our customers to achieve both their business and personal goals.

What will success look like when we have accomplished this?

We will be able to grow our own business based on referrals and achieve our goals, both personal and business. We believe the more we help others the more others will help us. We like to keep in the spirit of small businesses promoting small businesses to create a feeling of connection and togetherness.

At Designtec we do all we can to give you exactly what you need, and to offer you the best value for money possible.

We’re not about a quick sale - we’re about long-term relationships, because in our opinion that’s the way business should be done. This customer focused approach has allowed us to grow consistently since 2003.

We must be doing something right, because over those 16 years we’ve built a business based on referrals, while we’ve watched so many other ‘web designers’ simply vanish.

To put it succinctly, we know that ‘Your success is our success’.