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Logo Design Norwich

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Designtec's team specialise in creating killer logos designs
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How many logos do you think you could name if challenged? Probably hundreds if not thousands. There are even board games dedicated to this exact subject.

Logo Designers Norwich
Logo Designers Norwich
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 Graphic Designers Norwich

Memorable Logos

So, you would think that it’s pretty easy to come up with great and memorable logos. Well, not exactly. It takes years of experience, training and creativity to come up with designs that both reflect the brand and resonate with consumers. And we should know better than most.

Here at Designtec our team specialise in creating killer logos designs. They’ll hit their mark, drawing in potential customers, anchoring your company branding and forging your identity for years to come. That’s why, when looking for logo design, Norwich companies come to us.


Our creative team

If you’d like to know more about what we do and how our creative team can help you, then please get in touch. 

As well as graphic design services, we also offer web design, digital marketing and more. We work closely with you throughout all projects to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for – and that little bit more.


What We Do

We’ll work with you to learn about your business, then we can build brand that makes you stand out from your competitors. 

Logo Design

A logo designed by our team of designers will be perfect for your business and will be easily recognised by customers.

Designtec create modern and unique logos for businesses, and use them as a starting point to design consistent branding throughout any other company marketing materials. Your logo will be the ‘face of your company’ so it's important to get it right.

If you have a new business and you’d like to get it right, or if your existing logo is tired and dated and needs a facelift, get in touch with Designtec today.

Business Card Design

A Business Card is one of the first marketing tools you’ll need, and something you’ll want to keep in stock at all times.

When you go to meetings, attend networking events, or visit trade shows, you’ll be giving your Business Card to clients, customers, and potential referral partners. That means your Business Card should be memorable, eye-catching, and professionally designed.

If not, it’s destined for the bin. Designtec create Business Cards with instant impression… cards that stand out… cards people will keep. If that’s what you’re looking for, get in touch today..

Leaflet designers

Leaflets can be a great way to get your business name out there as large quantities can be given out or delivered, for a reasonable price.

However, that’s only worth the time and effort if the leaflet generates interest in what your business is offering. To achieve this you’ll need a strong design and a good call to action.

When the we at Designtec create a leaflet, we'll focus on prioritising key information so the readers remember your message..

Social Media Branding

Social Media is a massive part of today’s marketing for most businesses, but it needs to be done right, and of course it needs to look right.

If you're having problems getting your social media graphic elements to look and feel right, we can help you.

We can design all your banners and profile pictures with the correct dimensions, ensuring your page looks professional and stylish. Our designs incorporate your existing branding to boost your business' recognition.

Banner Design

One of the easiest ways to promote your company at trade shows and business networking events is with roller banners. They’re lightweight and portable, easy to put up.

If you’re looking for top quality roller banners, Designtec can help. Using their many years of design experience our graphic designers create roller banners that will truly impress your prospective clients.

Your banner will be in perfect brand synergy with your other marketing tools and materials, so displaying your business will never be easier..

Digital Graphics

It’s been said that the average internet user has an attention span of 0.7 seconds, so getting the designs of your digital graphics right is more than important, it’s essential.

Our Graphic designers can design any digital graphics you need, whether it's for a digital advertising campaign or just a few visual elements for your website, we can create them for you.

We’ll either use your existing company branding or design completely new branding for you, and we’ll work with you to achieve the look you want..

Award winning creative Graphic Design company

So, for a business like yours, working with an award winning creative Graphic Design company like ours is a must. Our skilled Graphic designers understand design theory, and they’ll work with you to create stunning visuals for your branding. Whether you have an all new business and need us to create some stunning identifiable branding to get you started, or you have an existing business that needs a re-brand, we can help. .

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We offer a complete Logo design service?

If your business is ready to make a good first impression,  call Designtec today on01603 952 811 or we can arrange a zoom meeting or in person if you prefer.

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