Should a Business Use Google AdWords?

Google AdWords one tactic of internet marketing that many will suggest, but others would tell you to stay away. If you are looking for a way to advertise via internet, you judge for yourself whether or not you should use Google AdWords. Keep reading for the advantages and disadvantages of Google AdWords.

Google AdWords Advantages

  • Advertising costs money, and sometimes those costs exceed way over what you are willing and able to pay. AdWords guarantees that over 80% of internet users and web browsers will see your advertisement by using Google as the search engine. When your advertising budget does not cover the amount of advertising that you need, AdWords is able to reach the individuals that your budget was unable to reach.
  • AdWords is an inexpensive way to advertise. When it comes to advertising, a lot of companies drop the ball because there is not enough money to advertise effectively. Advertising makes people want to use your services and buy your products. AdWords is able to make that happen by only costing you a manageable fee.
  • Advertising is all about getting your service or product out to the world at the right place during the right time. When search engine optimisation places a web page on Google, whenever the page gets a hit from a searched topic, AdWords place related services and products to that page as well generating the possibility of higher sales for that product.
  • Advertisements should keep up with the ever-changing trends of the world, and AdWords ensure that with the changing trends, so shall the ads change too. AdWords can be added to the Internet in about 15 minutes and the change costs you nothing. AdWords can target ads to certain geographical areas and can translate into any language.
  • For beginners in Internet marketing, AdWords offer tutorials that will better assist you on how to use AdWords.

Google Adwords Disadvantages

  • Every time a visitor clicks on the company‚Äôs website, there is a charge sent to the company from AdWords. This charge occurs even if the visitor ends up not making a purchase on the site.
  • You must keep up with AdWords payments in order to remain present on Google. Not even search engine optimisation can help you stay on Google if you do not pay on time.
  • AdWords is only part of the tools to be used for promoting a business. Other advertising methods, like social networking, word of mouth, and email should be used as well.
  • AdWords does not disclose how competitors are performing in comparison to your business.

So, is AdWords beneficial for your business?

 It depends on the amount you have to spend on advertising and your need to get your business noticed by Google users. In conclusion, it is your judgment call to use AdWords, but the service is definitely beneficial for anyone using the internet to advertise a business.