Michael Longe
27th June 2013

Most impressive

Many thanks for the speedy rectification of my computer problems. As one who knows nothing about computers and how they work I rely 100% on the support you and your Company give me when I hit problems. This time it was a virus that contaminated 156 files. I apologise for calling you on your holiday but thank you for coming out to me immediately on your return. Not only were you able to guide me in what I could and shouldn't do whilst I awaited your return, you on arrival finding it needed more drastic work, removed the system to your office and returned it in complete working order within five hours. You then re-installed it and I was back on line and in business. What really impressed me most was the following morning after I had done something wrong, you went on line from your office. Connected into my computer and corrected the problem. Most impressive. If you need any references for new clients please do not hesitate to give them my name or email. I have used many so-called computer experts over the years, not just for back up repairs etc but also for website design. None come anywhere near to the service, support and expertise you provide for me. Many thanks. I will no doubt be in touch again, very soon!