Alexis Main
26th June 2013

I was and am thrilled.

Though I knew a website was an absolute must for my business I felt overwhelmed and daunted by the prospect of creating one. I spent several months researching the subject which, rather than alleviating my concerns, only served to prove how very little I know! Hence it was a great relief to meet you. From talking to you I realised how committed you are to producing results and in working with you those results are impressive. In a seemingly effortless way you combined everything I had hoped for in artwork and laid it out into a website utilising my somewhat rambling text in a creative, concise and professional presentation. You captured the look I had imagined, and made a site appear from my pages of words. I was and am thrilled. I have a real sense of achievement when I direct people to my website. I know it represents what I want to say in the way I want to say it, and I have you to thank for that. The initial building of the website seems to be only the beginning of the package of creativity and management you offer through your professional service. As work continues I find you endlessly helpful in guiding me to achieve the most from my investment, in ways that I can build further pages to secure traffic to my website. This is achieved alongside other services which you offer such as the design of my business cards, which ensures there is a real feel of continuity throughout visual presentation. You are generous with your information and advice. There is much more that I could say, about your obvious wealth of knowledge in your area of expertise, of your attention to the smallest detail, of the excellent back up that is available, both through your tutorials and from you personally, of your professionalism. Yet all of these comments essentially encompass one main thing, which is that you are a really nice man to know and an absolute pleasure to work with.