Leathes Prior / mediation-1st
25th June 2013

I cannot say enough good things about this man's work.

We asked for a website for a debt collection service, and he provided one that fitted the bill exactly (www.debtcollector-lp.co.uk). We then asked for a more extensive website for mediation, and again he produced a website that fitted the bill for that exactly (www.mediation-1st.co.uk). Both websites have been invaluable to Leathes Prior. All the way along, Neil's main strength was that he was able to produce exactly what we asked for with technical perfection and without quibble. Indeed, I was particularly impressed that, unlike most other website designers, there was no faffing about and no increase in fees as we went along. He just produced the website we wanted, very quickly, for the fixed fee quoted and we have not had a single problem with either website since. As well as providing such an excellent quality of service, his content management system (bongo) is incredibly easy to use. It's a WYSIWYG system that's intuitive and easy to use and ensures that the site maintains its look whilst allowing a substantial amount of freedom and flexibility within each page and when creating new pages. Indeed, when we asked about features that didn't come as standard in the "bongo" system, Neil looked into it and let us know what he could do. So far as I can tell, if it can be done on a website, Neil can do it. Finally, as if everything else wasn't enough, his prices are lower than almost anyone else on the market and are quoted on his website. And there are no hidden charges. So I would recommend Neil's website design services to anyone.