Graham Torbit
24th September 2020

Understanding of my aspirations

Testimonial for Neil Burr and DesignTec 2019 was a strange year, I joined BNI ! !! It wasn't long before I was in a room of talented business people and was introduced to Neil and started talking about my shocking website, a home grown affair that whilst functional completely lacking in flare or professionalism, I had decided day one that Neil would be charged with building a new website when I could justify the cost. Early in March I approached Neil with some trepidation and asked him if he would put together some proposals for me. In very little time Neil had taken my brief, asked for images and text and started the design, the text had always been a worry for me but he introduced his copywriter who took all the pain and worry away from me too. Neil's understanding of my aspirations for the website was uncanny, the 1st proposal he made was spot on, he had listened to what I wanted, where I wanted it positioned in the market, the image I wanted to portray and most importantly taken all the stress off me. I cannot recommend Neil and his team highly enough and since the new site has been launched the UK M.D. of one of my international suppliers has contacted me to ask who built my website, you can ask for no better testimonial than that. Thanks