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Search Engine Optimisation is something you’ve probably heard of, but like most people you don’t understand it fully. 

That’s where DesignTec can help you. We are an experienced SEO Agency based in Norfolk, helping local businesses get their websites visible and their sales increased.

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SEO Strategy

Do you have an SEO strategy for your business? 

If you’re like most small businesses the answer is probably no. Don’t worry though, we can help you with that. We’ll optimise your website content so you achieve better search engine results, which will in turn boost your business – and we’ll teach you how to add more great content that gets the attention of Google. 

Everything we do is carried out ‘the right way’, so your site isn’t penalised.

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White Hat SEO

Our SEO techniques are all ‘white hat’ techniques. That means they’re legal, not underhand, so won’t get your website marked down by search engines. 

These days transparency is key, so we use properly structured data and in-depth keyword research, along with keyword rich updated content to get your website noticed. 

 Our keyword research often comes up with opportunities the business owners didn’t know existed!

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SEO Content

Landing pages and engaging blog posts that inform and educate the reader are essential, but can be quite time consuming for a business owner to create on a regular basis. 

Most business owners can’t find that time to work on their SEO like that, or perhaps don’t have the writing skills to get their knowledge down the way they’d like to. 

 Designtec offer those people a cost-effective solution - our skilled copywriters writing them for you.

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Your Designtec website will come fully optimised and you’ll have training too. However, if you already have a site that nobody can find, or that’s not performing as well as you’d like.

 Our SEO team can look at it for you and see what you may be missing, or what you may be doing incorrectly. We’ll be able to tell you exactly what you need to do to make your website more visible to your target market and increase sales.

Award Winning SEO Agency

We've carried out SEO services for a number of businesses and have seen their websites rise in search engine ranks.

It takes a lot of effort and dedication on the part of both the team member responsible for SEO work and management alike if a site wants to consistently rank well in searches. 

But with careful planning and execution, it's definitely possible - even for small businesses!

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We offer a complete SEO Agency service in and around Norwich?

If your business is ready to make a good first digital impression,  call Designtec today on 01603 952 811 or we can arrange a zoom meeting or in person if you prefer.

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