Why Blogging is Good for SEO

Search engines are the primary source of traffic for most websites, and it’s well-known that the higher your search rank (i.e. how close you are to the top of the results page), the more traffic you will receive. There are many ways to improve your rank, but one of the most effective (and popular) is blogging. The word “blog” is a portmanteau of “web” and “log”, and refers to any website where one or more users regularly publish new content. Blogging has become the predominant form of publishing on the Internet, and we highly recommend that our customers join in.

Here are a few reasons why.

Search Engines Rely on ContentSearch engines are very smart, but ultimately they are just computer programs. They cannot use intuition to divine the purpose of your website; they must examine its content for keywords. Blogging is a great way to better expose your keywords without resorting to undesirable techniques like hidden text and spam.

Fresh Content is Better than Stale ContentNobody wants to read information which is out of date, so search engines often rank websites which have been recently updated above those which have not, and will more regularly revisit websites which are frequently updated than those which are not.

Liking is the New LinkingModern search engines personalize search results, meaning that a website which has been recommended by a friend will always be ranked above one which has not. Nobody is going to “Like” your boring Terms and Conditions page, but people share blog posts which they find interesting or useful all the time.

...But Linking is Still ImportantGoogle pioneered the idea of counting the incoming links to a website to estimate its importance, and every other major search engines has followed suit. By regularly publishing interesting or useful content, you are increasing the chance of other websites linking to yours. Whether or not this content directly increases sales is not important; it does so indirectly by raising your search rank.Hopefully this has been a useful overview of why you might consider blogging to raise your search rank.

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