Are you using Social Media Marketing effectively?

Social media is a great tool that businesses can utilise to achieve online success. There are various channels of social media that can be used to achieve different goals and target audiences. 

It makes sense to put time and effort into social media marketing as it is the most personal way to reach out to clients, of course it is important to have an appearance on social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Only run as many as you can handle

However, if you cannot handle running accounts on multiple social media sites it can do more harm to your business than it can do good. Not keeping your pages up to date can make you look uninteresting or lazy. 

Therefore the best thing to do is to focus on one or two social media platforms your company has found success with and that your target audience can be found on and use them to promote yourself and to talk directly to your customers and potential clients.

Link back to your website

When posting content, always remember to try to include a picture and a link to your company’s website, generally an audience will react better to a visual post than a text based one. 

The main purpose of (most of) your posts should be to drive traffic to your website and generate interest in your company. 

Social media encourages interaction with your customers so make sure to ask people to share your posts around. By sharing and retweeting you can reach an even larger audience than you may have expected. Don’t be afraid to ask! A lot of people will share your posts if you ask them to, there’s no shame in branching out to your customers.

Interact with your audience

Interacting with your audience is a key benefit of social media. Always reply to comments, even if it’s just to say “thanks for commenting”. This shows that you value your customers / potential customers input and will gain you a reputation as a more caring company with an established personality. 

A few final points: make sure that all of your social media page’s information is correct and relevant. By having your social media graphics match your existing branding you create better synergy between your marketing and make your brand more recognisable. Using social media you can grow your customer base and expand your business in ways that you never thought possible.