Are H1 Headers Important for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

When it comes to web site design, professional website designers place special emphasis on placing keywords in parts of the website that will ensure a top spot on search engine lists. However, some web site designers claim that H1 headers are not really important for search engine optimisation and choose to go against not only using H1 headers, but any type of header. So, according to any SEO Agency, which is better: to use H1 headers or not to use H1 headers?

Keep reading for reasons why professional website designers say web sites should include H1 headers and other headers.

HTML: the Language of the Internet

    HTML is a special markup language that is used when web designers create a web page. This special language is essential for the success of a website because it is how web browsers and mobile devices are able to look at the content on your web page. It is also how screen readers are able to recognise and read aloud the content on the web page. When it comes to search engine optimisation, search engine robots use HTML to place the web page in their search indexes. 

This means that when Internet users use a search engine to research a topic, your web page will show up as one of the hits from the search.     One particularly important aspect of the HTML language is the use of headers, specifically H1, H2, and H3 headers. 

The use of these headers not only make it easier to design the web page, but also easier for the viewer to read the contents of the page because it makes it easier to navigate. 

When headers are used in web site design, search engine sites can easily categorize your web page according to its main topics which will result in your web page soaring to the top of search engine hit lists. 

H1: the Most Important Header

    Think back to your grade school and college days when you were required to write an outline before writing an essay. Your paper was neatly categorised using headers to separate each section of the topics to be written in the essay. 

Web site design includes the same aspect except there is no essay to be written, just a display of the outline. Headers are used to break the page into sections to make it easier for viewers to read and to quickly pinpoint if the page is useful for them. Search engines are primarily responsible for providing Internet users with web pages that are exactly or closely related to the user’s topic of interest. 

When keywords are used in H1 headers, search engines can easily find your page. Although all headers are important, H1 headers are very essential for a high rank on search engine radars.  

  In conclusion, headers are important for page structure, easy navigation, and any SEO agency that uses headers are bound to have web pages high on the lists of search engines.

H1 headers are the most important and should be used only once per web page.