Some Advantages of Using Bongo Our Content Management System (CMS)

No HTML Knowledge Necessary – Having a CMS is extremely user friendly, meaning that authorised people without programming or design knowledge or experience can still edit the content of their website. All that is necessary for users to modify the content of their website is a username and password, and a basic understanding of word processing.

Reduced Cost – When using a CMS, there are no costs involved each time you wish to make changes to your website as you can do it yourself. It is very important to keep your website up to date.

Separation of design, layout and content – one element (e.g. the content) can be edited independently of the other elements (e.g. requiring no changes to the design or layout), allowing flexible and straight forward edits.

No Location Restrictions – As web content updating can be completed by logging into the website through a browser, anyone with authorisation can edit the website from any computer, anywhere in the world.

Multiple Authors – Multiple users can be authorised with permissions to log in to the website and begin editing the content in their section of the website independently if required.

Access Restrictions – Limitations to these editing permissions can be assigned to prevent certain users from editing areas of the website which they do not have the knowledge to do so correctly, e.g. the website design.

Content Scheduling – Content publication can be time controlled allowing you to plan updates in advance. For example if you are going on holiday, your website can benefit from forward-planned updates which will upload by themselves at any pre-specified time.

Database Driven – Because the Bongo CMS is database driven, it allows for hundreds of pages to be created, stored, hidden and unhidden as and when required.

This can be particularly beneficial for businesses that have summer-winter stock rotation for example; they are therefore able to hide and unhide the relevant pages during the relevant season, without any need to delete/re-make pages repeatedly.

Attracts Traffic – A Bongo CMS website is search engine friendly, with plenty of opportunity for simple search engine optimisation. Therefore Bongo CMS websites will attract a lot of visitors because they can be constantly updated with relevant and popular content, links, and videos.