Common Mistakes in Search Engine Optimisation

Want to know the things to avoid when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation?

Having worked in the web design and online marketing industry for over 10 years, we have seen seo trends come and go. Some have stuck around and work wonders for many people, however, we find that most "tips and tricks" become outdated very quickly. Search engines as a service are constantly being updated with new algorithms to ensure that the user experience is the best that it can possibly be. Google does not want to rank a page that isn't going to be helpful for the searchee as it's then Google's fault if the customer is left feeling confused.

Key Word Bloat

When we build websites for customers, we teach the customer how to write effective content that will always be valued by Google without resorting to key word bloat. That way, you can be sure that your page is ranking based on its quality and will have a consistent place.

Irrelevant and Untrusted Back Links

Copied / Duplicate Content

The Little Things

There are many SEO mistakes to make. It's a field that is constantly changing and even keeping up with it as an SEO adviser is a full time job in itself. There are a lot of companies out there that learned everything about SEO in 2010 and still think it is relevant to today, and refuse to believe that they are mistaken. Being so arrogant about a dynamic industry causes their clients to lose business and not realise their potential.

As a business that places our customer success as the highest priority, Designtec are constantly keeping up to date with all the latest search engine optimisation techniques and will never teach anyone a "tip" or "trick" that seems like bad practice. Making quality websites with great content is always going to be the best thing for SEO. We focus on teaching the good, universal practices rather than the hot exploit of the month. This way, we know that our customers' websites will stay ranked and will never lose their credibility.

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