Social Media Banners Design

The difference a professionally designed banner can make for your social media profiles

If you, or a member of your team, has a little experience in graphics or web design, it can be all too tempting to try and save a little cash by designing your social media banner yourself. However, though this may be economical in the short term, it could end up costing you crucial customers in the long term. Investing a little in a high quality design will mean you can use the banner for years to come and will ensure existing and potential customers are impressed by your company image.

Hand holding a phone showing multiple social media apps on a home screen.

What is a social media banner?

Pretty much all major social media networks have space for banners. Generally located at the top of the page, the banner is the first thing visitors will see when they land on your profile.

As a result of this prominent position, the social media banner is the digital equivalent of a business card. An important part of your company image, your banner will inform customer opinion and tell all visitors to your social media profile what your business is all about.

Why are banners important?

Because the social media banner is placed so prominently on the page, it will often be the first impression potential customers have of your business. If you leave the banner area blank it will look like you don’t care about your company image. It may also lead visitors to your page to believe you’re not putting time and effort into building an online social network and connecting with your customers.

If you do put time and creativity into your banner on the other hand, it will give visitors to your profile a fantastic first impression. Helping to demonstrate that your company listens to its consumers and wants to engage them on an informal level, an eye-catching and professional looking banner will say great things about your business.

Branding continuity

If you use a professional to design your social media banner, they’ll be able to draw on your existing branding when creating their design. This will help to give your company image continuity over all platforms and will also ensure existing customers know they have the right profile when they land on your page.

Getting the technicalities right

One of the biggest benefits of employing a professional to design your social media banner is that they can ensure the finished result fits perfectly. If you’re not confident using professional design tools, your banner could easily end up bleeding over the defined area, causing crucial information to be hidden and giving your page an amateur look.

To get your professional banner design underway and give your social media profile the image it deserves, get in touch with us today.