Getting to the Top of Google Using Landing Pages

Landing pages are more beneficial than you think. Keep reading for information on landing pages and how to get your website at the top of the Google search engine site.

What are Landing Pages?

Not many small or medium size businesses use landing pages on their websites. In fact, research has shown that slightly over 60% of businesses that use landing pages only use between 4 and 5 landing pages on their website. As a result, many businesses with websites find it more difficult to bring heavy traffic to their websites.

You want your landing page to convince visitors to buy a particular item from the website or to at least be interested in making a purchase in the future. In order to convince visitors to buy, you must create an interesting lead to bring visitors to your sales page, and then keep in contact with them through email.

The way to do this is to allow the visitor to enter information that typically includes name and email address. Also, you want to make sure that the visitor must go to the website for any purchasing or at least to view the items. Do this by only allowing the visitor to enter his or her information on the landing page.

Soaring to the Top

Search engine optimisation can be easily established using landing pages. Here are some tips to consider when creating landing pages that will shoot your website to the top of the Google search engine website.

  • Place all information on the landing page above the fold. This is to ensure that the visitor does not have to scroll down to view any content.
  • Use an eye-catching title that is relevant to your call-to-action button.
  • Only use about 4 to 5 sentences for your opening and closing statements.
  • Use bullet points to state all propositions to the visitor.
  • Use an image that is related to what you are selling.
  • Use proper SEO techniques to ensure correct website design.

If you currently have a website and you do not use landing pages, you should know that you are preventing your business from increasing sales. Businesses that use a lot of landing pages, typically between 10 and 20 , usually receive over 50% in leads which could in turn increase business revenue. Designtec is the best option to help you create landing pages by using proper SEO techniques. Not only does the company help you with landing pages, but also with any website needs including e-commerce web design and regular web design. Designtec can turn your website into a money-making phenomenon.