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In the last issue of our newsletter, we discussed the benefits of setting up a business blog and outlined how best to showcase your company at professional networking events.

The primary purpose of SEO is to improve your online presence and drive traffic to your website. In this issue, we are going to discuss the value of backlinks.

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What Makes a Backlink Valuable?

A backlink is created when one website links to another independent website. When it comes to search engine rankings, strong backlinks can have a positive influence on your overall ranking position.

But, before you go rushing out to ask other websites to display your website link, you should be aware that not all backlinks are valuable.

If the link is displayed on a website that has no relevance to your business, this will be seen as a weak backlink.

A strong and valuable backlink is one that carries relevance, such as a link from a supplier’s website, for example. A quick call to your suppliers could see your website receive hundreds of new, relevant hits per day.

Building a Successful Brand

Your website should be seen as one of your most valuable marketing tools; your very own platform from which to showcase your business. In our experience, many small business owners fail to fully utilise their website, particularly those working in the trades.

Setting Up Project Pages

How often, as a consumer, have you purchased something based purely on face value? “Try before you buy” is a concept that we are all familiar with – we need to check that a product is a good fit for our needs and will live up to our expectations. If you are a service provider, you can give your potential customers a unique demonstration through the creation of project pages.

By taking someone on a step-by-step journey and allowing them to watch a project come to life, they will feel better placed to make an informed decision.


Demonstrate your Knowledge and Worth

The competition in your industry may be fierce, but by detailing and showing potential customers precisely how a project comes together, you are demonstrating your knowledge and worth in your chosen field. Visitors to your site will get a real sense of what to expect if they appoint your company and this is what will make you stand out from your competitors.

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