Search Engine Optimisation and Blogging.

Great News! Take advantage of our new service for Search Engine Optimisation and Blogging.

Increase traffic to your website by up to 80%

Our new blog writing service will add relevant, optimised content to your website which will ramp up sales or make the services you offer to your target market more visible.

We will achieve this for you by, ensuring you have blog posts on subjects which:-
  • deal with every relevant keyword you can think of on your site
  • contain long-tailed keyword links to products or services pages on your site
This will make the difference between your target market visiting your site or visiting a rivals site.Working on your headlines – your headlines are what grab the attention of the readers, particularly when shared on social media platforms.Creating relevant content - content is the key to increasing trafficEnsuring that images are relevant and open quickly – size and relevance of images that enhance the look of your blog will grab the readers attention and cause them to stay and browse.Writing blog posts which contain effective signposts to your site - optimised layout with clear calls to action are vital to ensure that the reader can take the action you want - namely to click onto the product or service page or to call or email you.

Managing Social media interaction with your blog – being able to link to key social media sites can be a powerful tool to increase the reach of your blog and thus the traffic to your site. We will submit your post to all your social media platforms.