SEO Norwich

Looking for Search Engine Optimisation in Norwich?

Our methods work and what’s more we’re willing to share our secret with you.  Don’t waste money on expensive SEO by specialist internet marketing services: Take control of your website and do it yourself!  Designtec will provide you with
  • The tools you need to take your website onto the first page of Google
  • Personal tutorials to show you the SEO techniques that really work.
BONGO has been specially designed with Google in mind and custom made to be SEO friendly from the start.  Without the help that BONGO provides SEO can be costly and, in some cases, nearly impossible. We can give you back control of your own site and updates.

How can you improve your Google ranking?

Title Tags  Make sure you have a few keywords here which people will be searching for. Using this method instantly means that Google has an idea of what your web site is concerned with. BONGO allows YOU to do this simply & easily. URL’s  URL’s are short for Uniform Resource Locator. These are like the ‘addresses of your web page. Our own URL looks like this: . 

As you can see we have SEO Norwich in this – again flagging up those keywords with search engines. Headers  Headers and sub-headers can be used to make your webpage more readable and help customers find what they want quickly. H1 header tags are your page “Headlines” and must match your page title:  <H1>SEO Norwich</H1>  H2 to H6 are used for sub-headers. Using these will make it easier for your customer to find what they’re looking for on your web page.  BONGO makes it easy to change your headers instantly!

Content Copywriters

  It’s vital that your content takes the reader on a journey – a journey that ends in either a sale or them contacting you. Spelling mistakes, bad punctuation or poor writing will reflect badly on your business – causing many customers to leave your site and never return.  It’s a good idea to have your website content written by a copywriter but if you decide to write it yourself make sure that it’s relevant to the page. With BONGO updating your content is simple & your changes are immediately live.

Long Tail Searches

  People are getting smarter about how they search online. Search for the term “SEO” on Google and you can expect about 130 million results!  Including the name of a nearby town or city such as “SEO Norwich” will reduce the list to around 416,000.  Adding a third item to the search like “Small business SEO Norwich” will refine this to around 257,000 results.  Improve your products listing by using:
  • Brand name
  • Model number
  • Colour
 Describing your product as a “Silver Sony 42” Plasma TV Model 2357T” will make the SEO for the page even stronger.  Ensure that your products or services have <H1> titles. If you are selling a Norwich City FC shirt use the title “Norwich City Football Shirt”.  BONGO allows you to update your site without wasting time waiting for your web designer to do it!