August's SEO Tip #1

Your Companies Website

July's SEO Tip 1

In this issue, we take a look at the most powerful tool of all... your company website.

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Should You Use H1?

Every website should be using heading tags to provide structure to its pages.

The primary purpose of a heading is to introduce and explain the content. By using one or more headings, visitors to your site can quickly determine if the text is of interest to them.

Whilst headings alone will not improve SEO, the text within those headings potentially will. If your headings are meaningful, search engines will better understand the context of your pages which in turn can improve your website’s ranking position.

It is wise to include important keywords in headings, but only where appropriate to do so. You don’t want to deter genuine visitors from your website as a result of spammy headings that do not make for easy reading.

Heading Tags Available

There are six heading tags available, H1 – H6.

H1 should be used just once, with H2 used for sub-headings. If you wish to break the content down further, then you might use the H3 tag. It is very rare for the H4 – H6 tags to be used and you should note that tags should always be used in sequence to maintain structure.

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Why Have A Website?

A website enables you to showcase your business in full colour and engage with your target audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In fact, a website is a fruitful investment that can take your business to new levels as it opens the door to many more opportunities.

Make no mistake that any business operating in the 21st century without a website is at serious risk of getting left behind. Statistics tell us that some 45.1 million people are surfing the Internet in the UK every single day. If your business does not have an online presence, it’s time to act.

An off-the-shelf website builder will enable you to create a basic website for your business, but it certainly won’t make your brand stand out as a strong contender in a competitive market.

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