Improve Local Search Rankings July's SEO Tip 1

Here is our second tip to help improve your local search rankings in Google

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Local Search Domination

As the owner of an independent local business, it can sometimes feel like you are a small fish in a big sea. How can you improve your online presence so that your brand does not drown in a large and competitive market?

The solution is three words… local search domination.

Rather than using popular keywords alone, you should combine these keywords with local keywords to help your business break through the local market. Optimising your website should be your starting point. If you are unsure what we mean by combining popular keywords with local keywords, an example of this would be ‘Web Designer Norwich’.

Google My Business Listing, It's Free

If your business has a physical address i.e. a shop or office, you should create a Google My Business listing as this will place your business on Google Maps.

Talking of listings, we would recommend you list your business in online directories such as and make your presence on social media known. Finally, a carefully planned Google Adwords campaign and SEO rich landing pages can drive traffic to your site and improve your search engine ranking position.

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Building A Successful Brand

No matter what sector your business operates in, a business card is a must-have item. When you meet a new contact for the first time, you will likely exchange business cards at the end the meeting for future communication purposes.

Your business card is a powerful promotional tool but it must be said that design is everything. If you opted for the cheapest design and print service you could find and your business card shows nothing more than your name, title and contact information printed on flimsy card, this will do little for your brand.

However, if your information is printed on high-quality card, showing your company logo on one side and your contact details on the other in the optimum fonts and colours, your business card will offer a true representation of your brand and in turn, build awareness.

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