Which SEO Agency should you hire?

SEO Agency

Beware of Cold Callers

Some unscrupulous SEO Agencies, Internet Marketing or Search Engine Optimisation companies, may contact you pretending to be from well known firms such as Facebook, Google or Microsoft. Doing so makes you more likely to trust them and pass over your credit cards details. A few simple checks can protect you from this:
  • Always ask for proof of who you are talking to
  • Ask for their telephone number and ring them back – Listen to how they answer the phone?
Such firms will often make grand promises like guaranteeing you the number one position in search engines results. Any good, reputable SEO agency will tell you that this type of guarantee is impossible. For safe, reliable SEO advice contact Designtec or check out our Search Engine Optimisation services. We won’t sign you up to a contract or promise you a number one slot, but we can promise to increase relevant traffic to your website – What’s more if you’re using bongo CMS this is absolutely FREE! Here are a few more good questions to ask when choosing an SEO Agency:
  • Will you be tied into a contract? A good SEO agency does need these. If they are doing a good job you won’t want to leave.
  • What is included in their fees and will there be any on-going charges?
Check out testimonials from their previous clients – check out their websites. Can you find them in a search engine? If Designtec can be of help with your SEO Agency / Internet Marketing / SEO or Search Engine Optimisation contact us for a Free no obligation chat.