Business Card design Norwich

Looking for business cards in Norwich? From classic to cutting edge

An integral part of your company image and a crucial tool in your networking arsenal, business cards are an incredibly important aspect of professional life. Not only are business cards a good way to boost brand awareness and engage potential customers, the design, finish and quality of your cards will say a lot about your business and your approach.

To help you select the perfect design for your needs, we’re taking a look at some classic and cutting edge business card looks.

Business Card Design

Single sided

Affordable and effective, single sided business cards have been a classic choice for decades. Giving you plenty of space to print all of your important information, single sided cards are a practical option for those who want to get their message across without any fuss.

Double sided

One of the big benefits of double sided cards is that they give you a bit more room to be creative, as you can use the front of the card to showcase your brand image. If you want a classic look, simply print your name or company logo on the front and use the rear of the card to display your contact details. Alternatively for a more contemporary look, print a photo, illustration or graphic on the face of the card and make sure your contacts remember you.


Traditionally, business cards are approximately the same size as credit cards. This helps them slot neatly into wallets and makes storing them a little easier. However, there are no set rules when it comes to card shape. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could opt for a hexagonal design, a parallelogram or choose something completely different.


For a classic business card look, print your design on thick card. In general, the thicker the card, the more high end the finished result will be, with rigid cards giving a much more sophisticated result than flimsy alternatives. However, depending on your printer’s capabilities, you may be able to opt for something completely different. Some cutting edge designs are now appearing on plastic, suede and even metallic surfaces.


There are a lot of ways to put the finishing touches to a business card. The three standard choices are matte, satin or gloss. The finish you choose simply comes down to personal preference. You can also add extra embellishments to your business cards, using embossing, foil and metallic elements to bring your design up to date.

If you’re thinking about designing a new set of business cards, we can help. Get in touch to find out more about our skills and services.