Graphic Designers in Norwich

A search for Graphic Designers in Norwich will most likely bring up several hits, and, as a business owner looking for help with branding, websites, marketing materials, etc it can be hard to know who to choose.

Let’s look at some of the things you should consider to help you make the right choice.

Graphic Designers In Norwich

A track record of helping business to succeed

One of the things we suggest you look at is ‘has the company been around for a while?’

During that time have they built a reputation based on their success in helping their customers succeed?

There’s no point choosing any graphic designers in Norwich who have poor feedback, or a history of letting people down.

DesignTec Ltd, a top Graphic Design and Web Design agency in Norwich have been around for many years, and have a great reputation.

A quick look at their feedback and reviews will show you 100’s of happy clients who have benefited from their design skills.

DesignTec have also won independent review company awards for the last two years in a row, and are accredited Google partners. This means they can help you with pretty much any part of marketing your business.

Call us on 01603 952811, we’d love you to be writing our next 5 star review.

Are they on a mission?

Nothing shows you a company is serious about their work and business more than a well thought out mission statement.

A mission statement keeps a business focused, and through that their long-term vision will be achieved.

DesignTec’s mission statement is found on every page of their website, and takes pride of place in the office.

The last line…

We do this because we enjoy watching you succeed… tells you all you need to know about this company’s ethos.

They’ll have your interests first and foremost, and this way they have a sustainable business with a long-term future.

Email [email protected] and let us watch you succeed too.

Are they versatile?

As a business owner you need a graphic designer to help you develop your concept across several different media.

There is no doubt lots of people who could design you a logo… but could they make you one that stands out from the crowd, and then use it to create matching marketing materials, digital graphics, websites and social media platforms… helping you build a recognisable brand that is fresh, original, and authentic?

DesignTec can, and we also have the skills to optimise your online presence so you not only look great, but you’re easy to find.

If that sounds like something your business needs, call us today on 01603 952811 and let’s work together.

Can you look at their work?

If you can’t see samples of a company’s work, they must be brand new or have something to hide.

Either way, it’s best to stay away. Any graphic designer in Norwich should be willing to show you a portfolio of their past work, and DesignTec have a portfolio of beautiful websites and other high-quality marketing materials they’ve designed for past clients.

Just take a look at the DesignTec website - and if you like what you see,  email [email protected] or call us on 01603 952811 to book an initial consultation and start your business on the road to graphic design heaven.