Information on Selling Online through E-Commerce Websites

  • Do you own a business in which making sales online can increase profits and customers?
  • Does your business have a website for making those online sales?
If the answer to the latter question is no, then do not fret. We can help you design and build an effective ecommerce solution.Although having a brochure style website is a very beneficial tool for increasing business sales and customers, there is another alternative for selling merchandise and services online.

What is E-Commerce?

E-commerce website or digital commerce is the carrying out of business activities by using the Internet. E-commerce includes but is not limited to shopping online, banking online, and selling online. E-commerce also involves advertising business services and merchandise online as well. E-commerce is becoming a very popular method of selling and purchasing merchandise and is a great alternative to making purchase inside of the store, through a catalog, or by using the telephone.

There are three main roles in e-commerce.

Those roles are:

  • The Producers: these are the individuals who are responsible for creating the merchandise or the service that the customers want to purchase. The producer could also be known as the seller.
  • The Buyers: these are the individuals to who the merchandise or seller is being marketed.  
  • The Sellers: these are the individuals who are responsible for selling the merchandise or service. There are two types of sellers—those who sell directly to the customers and those who sell directly to other businesses.

Benefits of Selling through E-Commerce Sites

Selling merchandise or services through one of our e-commerce websites is very easy.The first steps are, we will have a meeting to discuss your needs. We will design a new ecommerce website for you, when you are happy with the design, we will train you on how to add the items.Marketing your e-commerce website.We will help you identify which social media platforms will work best for your products. We will then train you how to use these.Blogging is one of the best ways to promote your products and business, we will show you the importance of blogging and keyword research.Once you have established the basics, you are ready to reap the benefits of selling on-line, some of which are:

  • The ability to reach larger markets both local and non-local.
  • Selling your products 24 -7
  • Increasing your sales

Mobile responsive.

All of our websites are mobile responsive, this means that the website knows when it is being viewed on a mobile phone or other devices, the website automatically changes the page layout to suit. This will help increase sales as 80% of searches are made on mobile devices in the evening.E-commerce websites are a great tool for selling merchandise and services online. If you need more advice on having an e-commerce website for your business, Designtec is able to assist you with all of your needs.