Should a Business have a Brochure?

Should a Business have a brochure?

These days, more and more businesses use the web and digital media to advertise their products and services. Online shops have replaced retail spaces for a lot of companies and digital marketing materials have replaced printed ones. So, does this mean that there’s no longer a need for printed products? Can customers get all the information they need from a website and is there any need to invest time and money in designing a digital or printed brochure for your business?

What’s the point of a brochure?

Though customers can get a lot of information from a website or online shop, brochures help to bring all of the technical jargon, photos and detail together in one place. This can help customers find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, something that can clarify the decision making process. A brochure can also act as a showcase for your brand. Its design, its copy and the quality of the photos and imagery you use will speak volumes about your company identity.

Freeing up space on your website

From a web designer’s point of view, one of the biggest benefits of a brochure is that it frees up crucial space within the website. If customers can be directed to a printed or digital brochure, there’s no need for in depth technical information to be displayed on your site. This can significantly simplify the design, making it easier to read and quicker to load in the process. As the pages will run faster, it’ll make your site much more suitable for the mobile web, something that’s becoming ever more important with the increasing dominance of the smartphone.

Do brochures need to be printed?

Though traditionally brochures were always physical objects, you don’t have to invest in a print run if you don’t want to. Though some customers will always prefer leafing through a printed brochure, many will be happy to look at a digital version. Though you’ll still need to invest in professional design for your digital brochure, avoiding a print run will save you money and help you to keep your marketing budget under control. If any of your customers insist on a printed brochure, you can always print them off a copy and pop it in the post.

Though companies can probably get away without one, a well-designed brochure can be a real asset to a business. If you’re thinking of creating a brochure for your products, or if you’d just like to learn more about brochure design, explore our site or call us on 01603 952 811 to speak to a member of our team and discuss your project.