The Importance of Unique Copy

How competitive is the market in which your business trades?Importance of unique copy

Often, businesses are competing with a large number of other organisations offering similar products or services. When you search for a specific term on the likes of Google, the best performing websites will be ranked the highest. If your own website is further down the list than you would like it to be, it can be tempting to look at the best performers and tweak your own site to match the competition.

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Our Tip This Month is to Avoid This

Search engines can detect duplication of content, including content that has been ‘tweaked’. If two websites have identical or near-identical copy, only one will be ranked and it will always be the website that was indexed first.

Unique copy that is relevant to your own brand is what will set your business a cut above the rest and we have professional copywriters who can help make your website a high performer.

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Unique Copy

Social Media as tools for SEO

Facebook, alongside other social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, are powerful marketing tools for businesses around the world. Why? Because social media marketing enables businesses to put their brand under the noses of millions of potential customers and best of all, these platforms are free to use! Through carefully planned, regular posts, social media marketing can take a business to new heights.

Those businesses posting a combination of text, pictures and videos often reap the greatest rewards, so a social media marketing plan is a must. But wait, before you rush in, take a moment to determine who is best placed to promote your business via social media.

Goals and Plans

Did you know that there are over 2 Billion users frequenting Facebook every month!

A Facebook page is like a mini website that requires an attractive design with well-written content to radiate a strong brand image. Likewise, posts across all platforms should have appeal to catch the eye of prospective customers.

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