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Is Your Logo Instantly Recognisable?

Making your business stand out from the crowd is important, but it’s not always easy.

Of course we’d all like our businesses to be recognised from the logo alone like Apple, Coca Cola, or Macdonalds, but how many of us are really that creative?

And even if we do have an idea of what we want, can we actually get our design down ‘on paper’ so it looks just how we pictured it?

The answer to that is usually a big NO, so we call in the professionals and hope it’ll be money well spent. But the difficult thing is knowing who to call. Obviously we want to call a company with a proven track record, lots of positive social proof, and a great reputation for helping their clients succeed…

So if you’re looking for Logo Design in Norwich and the surrounding areas, Norwich based DesignTec Ltd fit the bill in all those categories.

Logo Designer Norwich

Design Services

At DesignTec we realise that creating a strong brand image is key to being recognised, and that starts with your logo design. It’s ‘the face of your business’, so it needs to represent your business personality, and if it’s not right, it’s no good.

So if you have a new business and want to get it right first time, or your old logo is looking tired and you feel it’s time for a re-brand, we can help by designing you a stylish, unique, and instantly recognisable logo.

Branding Synergy

Once your logo design is ready and approved by you, Designtec’s highly skilled and experienced graphic designers in Norwich will create coordinating designs for your other company branded materials such as flyers, pop-up banners, business cards, brochures, along with your website and social media platforms.

This massive boost to your company branding will ultimately help you achieve the level of recognition your business needs.

Value for Money

Everyone wants great value for money don’t they, and at DesignTec we believe we offer plenty of that given the way we work so closely with you to help you achieve your business goals.

But don’t take our word for it, read some of the 100+ reviews on our website written by happy clients who have seen their businesses develop after working alongside us... then give us a call on 01603 952 811 or email us at [email protected].

Nothing makes us happier than watching our customers succeed.